Our Services


Our Services

We are aimed at ensuring proper and timely services to our customers across the country. It is committed to achieving complete customer satisfaction with excellence in service quality and support. The quality of service and service accessibility are steadily improving with the setting up of new branches and service centers thanks to the growth strategies being adopted by the company from time to time. The quality of and service accessibility is steadily improving with setting up new branches and service centers thanks to the growth strategies being adopted by the company from time to time.

Our Service Strength

A dedicated team of Engineers

Distribution of Sales and Service partners throughout the state

5-year on-site Guarantee / Warranty

Repair or Replacement within 72 working hours

Offers professional services in a provision, installation, and maintenance of all the systems

our customers distinct advantages

Lower prices

Direct Feedback

Single source responsibility

Unparalled systems experience

Suryakanthi Solar Provides

Solar Feasibility Studies: We provide a simplified design & economic analysis at relatively low cost for client considering a solar installations.

Computer system Simulations: We advice owners exactly how much heat a solar installations will supply at a given site and the percentage reduction of total heating costs.

Contract system designs: We provide complete design specification and tender documents for the public or select tender of contract installations.

Monitoring and performance Evaluation: We provide monitoring and performance evaluation of installed solar projects to confirm system performance and energy delivery.

Domestic Solar Water Heater, Solar Air Heating Equipments, Solar Water Heating System, Commercial Solar Water Heating System

Automatic controls: We provide fully automatic PLC with digital boards designed for forced circulation systems.

Provisions & Prefeasibility

Shadow free south facing area for collector

Cold water tank at 7ft. height from roof level

Insulations of piping from solar to user point is mandatory

Dedicated separate insulated hot water line from solar bathrooms

Site prefeasibility is required for better designing

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